House GOP moderates inch closer to bringing DACA legislation to the floor

Republican moderates in the House are getting close to having enough signatures on a discharge petition that would bring immigration legislation to the floor. While the leadership is adamantly opposed to having an immigration debate at this time, the moderates along with almost all Democrats are working to bypass House regular order and allow for a free wheeling debate on DACA and other immigration issues. ABC News: In the case of the discharge petition, moderate Republicans and most Democrats are hoping to advance H.Res 744, bipartisan legislation introduced in March. The bill would allow the full House to debate as amendments a range of four competing DACA proposals, including Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s “Securing America’s Future Act.” House Republican leaders have worked for months to advance the Goodlatte bill, but concede they are far short of 218 Republican votes needed to send it to the Senate. Two more bills...(Read Full Post)