Hillary Clinton and the fall of Yale and Harvard

Why on Earth would Yale invite Hillary Clinton, the whiniest woman on the planet to speak at its commencement?  Did the administrators not have advance knowledge of her psychosis?  Her address to Yale grads was all about her: her loss, her anger at those who did not vote for her.  She is, without a doubt, the sorest of sore losers.

Hillary quoted Dickens when bemoaning the constitutional crisis she herself has created by inventing the Trump-colluded-with-Russia hoax.  She is the person who colluded with Russia in numerous ways.  It was Hillary who saw to it that the U.S. sold twenty percent of our uranium to Russia.  She is the one who benefited financially, to the tune of $145M, from that deal.  She is the one who commissioned and paid for the fake dossier on Trump and then had her like-minded felons in the Deep State use it to spy on the Trump campaign and probably everyone within it.  It was she who was and is affiliated with Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie, the law firm that facilitated much of the skullduggery perpetrated on her behalf.  It was she who sabotaged Bernie Sanders during the primaries.  And looking back, it was she who made a mess of Libya and is responsible for the deaths at Benghazi.  The complete list of her failures and crimes against the nation is too long to include here.

Mrs. Clinton and her husband are the most corrupt people in U.S. history to dominate a political party.  They have become fabulously wealthy by selling access to U.S. government favors and via other unscrupulous schemes.  And still she whines.  She wanted more; she wanted the presidency and believed with absolute certainty that it was hers for the taking. 

Hillary is clearly convinced that her defeat in the 2016 election was a near-death blow to American democracy.  In her view, Trump's victory is an assault on our republic.  She is still furious at all the deplorables who did not vote for her.  She has no concern for those of us who are victims of and are outraged at the senseless crimes committed by illegal aliens protected by sanctuary cities or the businesses shut down by the tyranny of the diversity police.

This woman is a fascist of the first order.  She loathes the freedoms our Founders cherished and thought they had inscribed forever in the Constitution.  To Hillary, as to Obama, the Constitution is a document of negative rights; it tells us all what the government cannot do.  Like the rest of the D.C. privileged establishment, she feels entitled to tell us all how to live, what to say, what to think, how to act, what to drive, etc.  None of them lives by the rules they intend to impose on the rest of us.  For example, they all have armed security everywhere they go, but we must not be allowed to have weapons with which to defend ourselves and our families.  They are driven about in luxury SUVs, but we should drive only electric tin-can death traps.  More than any other word, hypocrisy is the principal characteristic of the Hillary-loving left – hypocrisy and snobbery.

If there is one psychological trait that defines the American left, it is projection.  Leftists never tire of accusing those on the right of doing the things they actually do.

Speaking about Democrats, "We stand for truth, for evidence and facts," she told the Yale grads.  Uh, no, they don't.  They stand for the fabrication of evidence and propaganda to achieve their goals.  The media that are in their pocket think nothing of making up "facts" to construct a desired narrative.  Hillary lies as easily as she breathes and has over her entire career in politics.  She lies, as do Clapper, Brennan, Obama, Rice, etc. – the whole lot of them, who ran the country as their own private fiefdom for eight years.

Even more pathetic than her speech at Yale was the fact that Harvard gave her an award, the Radcliffe Medal, for her "transformative impact on society."  But Hillary is no champion of human rights.  Ask the Haitians.  Her fraudulent "foundation" spends only about 6% on charity; the rest goes to fund the high living of the Clintons, their staff, and Chelsea's "nest egg."

She is not a "skilled legislator."  Not even close.  She has really accomplished very little, if anything at all, despite all the prestigious positions she has held.  She was perhaps most successful at tamping down the "bimbo eruptions" that plagued her husband.  She was also good at creating scandals: Whitewater, cattle futures, the W.H. travel office firings, stealing loads of W.H. property when she left.  These are just a few examples.  The Clinton Foundation itself is one huge money-laundering scandal.  Can anyone really come up with a successful Clinton endeavor over the last forty years that did more good than harm?

If Hillary's speech at Yale and her award from Harvard are the standard for excellence and achievement these days, no one should let his sons or daughters go to either of those universities.  They have lost all sense of what excellence and achievement are, and if they don't know what it is, they cannot teach it.  If they are willing to sacrifice their own prestige to honor a self-serving, power-hungry political hack, they do not deserve the pleasure of anyone's sons' and daughters' presence on their campuses.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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