Here's one border crossing that should never, ever be secured

Migrants cross borders for many reasons.  They may be subject to political persecution.  They may be hounded by criminal gangs.  They may be beaten by evil husbands.  They may have an aversion to spicy foods, or giant tsetse flies, or repetitive salsa dancing.

That's why our border should always be open and inviting and never, ever be secured.

But what I'm talking about applies to only one border crossing: the one on Roxham Road between New York State and Canada.

That's because a flood of illegal aliens has been using this road to flee America and go to Canada.

Ever since President Trump has been less welcoming to illegal aliens, some of them have been leaving American and going to Canada.  Because Canada is a progressive country that welcomes migrants with special needs, it feels no need to secure its border with the U.S.

One particular crossing seems to be heavily used is on Roxham Road in the northern edge of New York State.  At the end of the road, one can simply walk around a small fence to enter Canada without any difficulty:

The foreground is Canada.  See all those wonderful people (perhaps they are migrants!) in the background?  They are in America.  All they have to do is walk around a small fence to get into Canada.

The Canadian government loves getting our illegal aliens.  The Canadian citizenry, not as much.

It may seem paradoxical.  Last year, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to issue an open invitation to refugees with a tweet declaring, "to those fleeing persecution, terror & war ... #WelcomeToCanada." This year, his government is working hard to deter thousands of people who are walking over the U.S. border to seek asylum in Canada.

Does liberalism seem paradoxical?

Since President Donald Trump was elected, over 27,000 people have crossed into Canada overland.  (By comparison, only 2,000 people did this in 2016.) ...

"There's a perception that Canada is being invaded," said Wendy Ayotte, a member of Bridges Not Borders, a Quebec-based volunteer group that formed last summer to support the asylum seekers. "The perception is that these people are illegal and that they're violating Canada's borders and that they're just queue jumpers trying to get freebies on welfare."

But others love the illegals!

Moira Kilmainham, a member of Solidarity Across Borders, a volunteer group working with asylum seekers in Montreal[, says,] "Trying to depict these people as welfare bums and security threats and criminals is a racist attitude.  Canadians hate when you say that we're racist, but we are."

I wish all Canadians could be as open and welcome to illegals leaving the U.S. as Moira.  They are all virtuous, dreaming people who will bring added diversity to Canada's communities, if not to Canada's welfare rolls.

So when it comes to Roxham Road, I say, "Open borders for all!"

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