Google in deep doo-doo from environmental wackos over feeding stray cats

As you might imagine, the leftists over at Google are cat people. And since they feed themselves, they feed nearby cats, too - tons of stray feral cats on their corporate headquarters grounds, known as the Googleplex. They call that not feeding strays, but more grandly: "colony care." And according to this New York Times report, that's a problem, because the cats are now doing what cats do, which is eat birds, specifically, the local owls, which has gotten the equally powerful local environmentalists up in arms. The Times explains it thusly: Google never set out to threaten biodiversity in its front yard, of course. Like so many stories these days about Big Tech, this is a tale about how attempts to do good often produce unexpected consequences, and how even smart people (especially, perhaps, smart people) can be reluctant to rethink their convictions. At Google, it is not so much that workers do not like birds as it is that they really love cats. There...(Read Full Post)