Chelsea Manning's Senate bid doesn't seem to be blossoming

Life doesn't seem to be going well for Chelsea Manning, the convicted felon who leaked massive U.S. military wartime secrets to WikiLeaks and then got pardoned for it by President Obama, by virtue of declaring himself a transsexual. Having launched a Senate run, Manning isn't even a rounding error in the Maryland polls, and now he seems to be giving up, finding the idea of campaigning for office hard work – and getting bummed out. ive been knocking on doors and making phone calls all over Maryland lately - most people aren't interested in voting, or elections, or civil discourse anymore - theyve heard it all before - they dont think it will make a difference - and they are right — Chelsea E. Manning (@xychelsea) May 23, 2018 we cant expect any change thru the upcoming elections - the primaries are rigged - this so-called "blue wave" is gonna be more like a blue ripple, or a blue drip - establishment dems always happily vote for...(Read Full Post)