Down in Florida...

Like most Cuban-Americans, I have friends and relatives down in South Florida.  I speak often with them on the phone.

On Friday morning, a Cuban friend told me that Governor Scott could end up as the next senator from Florida.  I was surprised to hear it, but my friend referred me to an article from the Tampa Bay Times:

Among more than 200 experts and veterans of Florida politics surveyed in the latest Tampa Bay Times Florida Insider Poll, nearly six in 10 this week said they expect Scott to unseat the three-term Democratic Senator.

Just over two months ago, more than 57 percent of the Florida Insiders surveyed expected Nelson to win.

"I'm very worried about Sen. Nelson," said a Democrat.  "I think the Democrats need to reevaluate our candidate and Gwen Graham should jump to the Senate Race immediately."

A Republican had a similar thought: "Bill Nelson's best chance is a run for Governor.  He should pivot now before Scott pastes his face to the floor.  At least Nelson would win his party's nomination.  Better chance to win in the general than any other declared candidate in his party."

"Rick Scott is focusing on Hispanics way before Nelson is.  He did this in 2014.  He is traveling to Puerto Rico, getting close to Venezuelans, Cubans and Colombians," said a person registered to neither major party. 

"Nelson cannot ignore our Latino community and should have messages in English and Spanish.  Commercials in both languages.  He can not only depend on the Dixiecrats."

Time will tell who wins in Florida.  However, I think Governor Scott's tough stance against President Obama's "one way" policy toward Cuba may be paying off.  He recently wrote a letter calling for Cuba to be excluded from a recent Latin American meeting.

Another secret Scott weapon could be the Venezuelans.  I don't know how many are citizens, but they are very anti-communist, too.  I can only tell you that the Venezuelans I know support President Trump's posture against Maduro.

We will wait for the voters to vote, but maybe a surprise is brewing down in Florida.

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