Did you hear about the violent teen flash mob that took over Chicago's fanciest shopping area Saturday?

The end result of indoctrination in government schools and mass media that teaches "urban youths" that American society is racist, corrupt, unfair, and unworthy of compliance is the crumbling of civil order.  When a substantial group of young males (the segment of society most prone to acting out with violence) think they have no stake in the continuation of existing social and property relations, they are able to impose anarchy in local areas.  When enough people think and feel this way, the forces of order – police, and in extremis the National Guard – can be overwhelmed and powerless to stop the disorder.

This nightmare scenario is developing step by step.  The rise of social media enables the organization of what are now called "flash mobs" that can descend on targets and cause chaos.  Sometimes, targets are chosen for the lucrative looting opportunities.  That appears to be what happened last Saturday night on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, at the very heart of upscale shopping, dining, and residential life, the Water Tower Place, a multistory shopping mall at the base of a 74-story tower.

Water Tower Place.  (Photo credit: Tony the Tiger via Wikimedia Commons.)

CWBChicago reports:

At least four people were injured and two arrests were made after a large group of teenagers went wild near Chicago's historic Water Tower on Saturday evening, according to police and witnesses.

Security at the Water Tower Place shopping mall reported the first sign of trouble around 8:20 p.m.  Fifty teenagers were said to be involved in a fight near the mall entrance at 845 North Michigan Avenue.

Police summoned an ambulance for an injured juvenile.

As the shopping mall incident mellowed, sparks flew again less than a block away near the landmark historic Water Tower and Jane Byrne Plaza.

"These guys are running amok, they knocked an old lady down by Ghiradelli [sic]," came one report.

"They're attacking people now," another officer reported via radio.

"All units down to Water Tower," ordered the police dispatcher.

After the woman was reported injured, a male tourist was reportedly battered and shoved under a horse carriage.  He declined medical attention.

A Mag Mile resident told CWBChicago, "I went downstairs to warn security...and I saw police tackle and handcuff a teenage male."  The witness estimated that "300 to 400" people were involved in the melee.  That number was later echoed by police.

Another fight, described by police as "massive" broke out shortly after 9 p.m. outside the Chicago Red Line station, 800 North State Street.  CTA workers at the Chicago station dialed 911 and reported 20 to 30 teen males "jumping turnstiles and beating on the kiosk."

Tactical units from the neighboring 1st (Central) Police District were brought in to assist with the mayhem.

By 10 p.m., police and CTA transit officers reported that the most of the crowd, again estimated at 300 or 400 teens, had departed the downtown area via the Red Line.

A member of the mob with the handle TacoBeans44 chronicled the Red Line fracas (via CWBChicago):

TacoBeans44 told about their [sic] experience on the Red Line as the mob made its way out of downtown:

It was insane, the conductor was shouting on the intercom at Grand saying get off the train, the cops have been called, this train will not move until you get off.  Eventually, it began to move again and a couple kids ran to the end of the train with cops trailing behind.

Before the train reached Lake, one of the teens jumped off the train and ran through the tunnel, not sure which direction but he fled on foot through the tunnel, cops did not chase him.

The police did question the others, especially the younger one who was said he was 13, they asked where his parents were and he said the teen with him was his guardian and they were trying to get away from the police.  They also asked what stop they were getting off at, the two of them said 47th.

From Lake to Roosevelt, there had to be like 10 cops at each station, a few actually had their guns in their hands.  In the middle cars, they were PACKED with teens and kids all wearing Red and Black. 

I saw this couple freaking out in one of the cars, I could not believe that this was happening.  I would say maybe around 50 on the train, above ground and outside, I didn't see what was going on so I cannot confirm that there were 300-400 teens.

One "youth" was charged with a felony, as WGN TV reported:

Police said a 16-year-old boy was charged with felony aggravated battery after he splashed an "unknown liquid substance" on an officer's face.

As the warm weather months lie ahead, there will be more opportunities for "youths" to act out their impulses.

Meanwhile, Water Tower Place is dealing with its own issues regarding "youths" last month, issuing an abject apology for "racially profiling" a group of young African-American males who were behaving well.