Denny's reassures disguised men of access to women's bathrooms

In 21st-century America, if a woman complains about a man in a Denny's women's restroom, who gets the blame: the man or the woman?  Unfortunately, we all know the answer:

A Republican congressional candidate harassed a transgender woman [sic] at a Denny's restaurant in California – and proudly live-streamed the whole thing.

This article is so filled with Orwellian doublethink that I will have to translate line by line.  First of all, "transgender woman" refers to a man disguised as a woman.  According to liberals, men can pretend to be women and yet can't quite call themselves women, but they can call themselves "transgender women," which is supposed to be the same as women, only different.  Are you following?

When the disguised man entered the bathroom, a woman already there felt threatened.  In this age of sensitivity to sexual harassment, the presence of disguised men in women's bathrooms doesn't count as harassment.

Jazmina Saavedra, who is running to represent California's 44th District, recorded herself confronting a transgender woman [disguised man] for using the women's restroom and posted it on Facebook Tuesday.

"She wasn't a lady, she was a man. I heard his voice. I came with my camera, on my phone, to ask him why he was in the women's restroom," she said. 

In her video, Saavedra is shown attempting to use the restroom when she realized there was a transgender woman [disguised man]  in the stall.  She said that it was an "invasion of privacy" that a trans woman [disguised man] was using the restroom.  She said: "Anyone can say he feels as a woman and go into the restroom and attack a woman.  Why should I feel insecure because these people have a problem with their identity?"

Denny's Corporation said transgender customers and staffers are allowed to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

"Gender identity" is a made-up term, which means whatever people want it to.  It has nothing to do with actual gender, now called "birth gender" by liberals, as if it is something that changes over time.

The company clarified that the transgender guest was asked to leave because a employee "observed drug paraphernalia on the floor near the guest" – not because she [sic] was using the women's restroom.

In other words, Denny's has no problem with disguised men in women's bathrooms.  The only problem was the drugs.  Frankly, I'm surprised the disguised man was even accused of having drugs.  Couldn't he have simply redefined the drugs as something else, like "Transobject Candy"?  Because if gender can be redefined to mean anything, so can anything else.

If it's okay for men to unilaterally redefine themselves as women, how long before some men redefine the unwanted touching of women's bodies as "friendly greetings"?  If perpetrators gets to redefine reality, that's what it will come to.

It's curious how the feminist movement has a blind eye for this.

For now, we live in a country where perverts who want to do drugs in women's bathrooms are heroes, and women who object are "harassers."

The next time you enjoy fine dining at Denny's, bring your pepper spray, just in case.

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