Cop-hating communist Van Jones partners with Trump adviser to reform prison system

On Friday, communist and cop-killer supporter Anthony K. "Van" Jones sat with President Trump's close adviser, Jared Kushner, and his wife, Ivanka Trump, at a White House forum on prison reform. 

Flashing his GQ smile, Obama's former green jobs czar was back at the White House after being forced to resign in 2009 when conservatives exposed his anti-American activities.  

Under Obama's watch, the con man helped to scam taxpayers out of billions of dollars for bogus green energy projects designed to employ low-income minorities.  Soon, the money disappeared, and over 60,000 jobs promised by Obama never materialized.

Now Jones has moved on to another big-government reform movement guaranteed to take money from people who don't commit crimes and redistribute it to people who do.  Jones and his Dream Corps #Cut50 initiative backed the First Step Act, just passed in the House. 

Of course, Jones supports this legislation.  It's another windfall for the progressive huckster.  No doubt, his network of lucrative non-profits will haul in part of the $250 million of taxpayer monies the bill authorizes for various educational and mental health support programs. 

Since 2014, Jones has been pushing for sentencing reforms, early release, pleading down violent crimes to nonviolent misdemeanors, and generally driving down incarceration numbers, much as the PROMISE program does in Broward County. 

According to some Democrat lawmakers, the First Step Act doesn't go far enough, but President Trump told Jones during the WH gathering on Friday, "If you see something you don't like, call me.  We'll get it changed before we sign it and have to go through the whole process again." 

Later, Jones responded that it would be the "definition of insanity" not to work with Trump on prison reform.  With Obama, he said, it was all or nothing, and "we wound up with nothing" (except millions of dollars for his racist, left-wing organizations).

Van Jones should not be allowed anywhere near the White House or Congress.  His only law enforcement and criminal justice experience comes from almost 30 years of inciting violence against police officers.  Jones's expertise consists of declaring that there are too many blacks in prison and that criminals are victims of social injustice.

To date, the radical, Soros-funded Marxist revolutionary and architect of the war on cops, through his former leadership at the Ella Baker Center, has not been held accountable for the bloodshed his anti-cop rhetoric has caused. 

For example, in 2018 alone, 37 police officers have died while on duty, 24 by gunfire.

Two days ago, Baltimore police officer Amy Caprio ordered a black teenager, Dawnta Anthony Harris, out of the car as he waited for his friends, allegedly in the process of robbing a house.  Harris ran her down in cold blood.  Caprio died at the hospital.  The 16-year-old had a long list of priors and was under house arrest when he and three other teens embarked on their crime spree.  For race-hustlers like Van Jones, it's not Harris's fault.  Officer Caprio was just another white "implicitly biased" cop.

In the late 1990s, Jones's hatred for capitalism and the police inspired him to lead rallies in support of cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal and to depict America as "a piece of stolen land led by right-wing, war-hungry, oil-thirsty ... [m-----------]" who "got people of color playing servant to do that [s---] for them."

True to form, Jones blames the disproportionate number of blacks in prison on white supremacy.  In a 2008 speech, he lashed out against a proposal to build a new prison in Memphis, calling it "a huge slave ship on dry land."  He then added:

You don't have to call somebody the n-word if you can call them a felon[.] ... The fight against this new Jim Crow, this punishment industry, where for-profit prison companies are now being traded on the stock exchange ... that struggle is being met as it was 40 years ago.

In January 2017, shortly before President-Elect Trump's inauguration, Jones appeared on The Conan O'Brien Show to discuss prison reform.

Surprisingly, whether out of anger or frustration at the Democratic Party's 2016 defeat, Jones made known his real agenda when it comes to reforming the criminal justice system.

From YouTube:

Conan: You think that certain kinds of reform in our system would actually change, uh, the electoral process, drastically?

Van Jones: Absolutely, um, we lost Florida, Democrats lost Florida, if African-American men had not been disqualified from voting by disproportionate arrests for drugs and by disproportionate convictions for drugs, we would have won Florida in a landslide. 

You have some Southern states where 30 percent of African-Americans, especially men, can't vote because they have drug felonies[.] ... [I]f you care about the environment, you have to care about incarceration, because African-Americans are disproportionately incarcerated, disproportionately stripped of our right to vote, and then, therefore, can't show up at the polls to vote for Democrats[.]

President Trump said he wants to "work together" with Jones to "restore the rule of law, keep dangerous criminals off the streets, and help former inmates get a second chance at life."  That's a noble goal as long as he knows he's dealing with an unrepentant and bloodthirsty communist agitator who hates the police and is out to win elections by lessening penalties for minorities who vote Democrat.

Image: Van Jones via Flickr.

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