Clinton Foundation back to the trough with fundraiser event in NY

Grifters gotta grift.  It's a simple as that.  Even when there's no influence left to peddle.  The Clinton Foundation, which Charles Ortel correctly calls "the biggest charity fraud ever," has invited supporters to a May 24 charity "event" in New York City, at which the cheapest seats will go for $2,500 and the "premium" package will cost $100K for a table.  In addition to banquet chicken, fish, or steak, attendees will be treated to appearances by a reggae singer calling himself Shaggy and a former rock star, ex-Police frontman Sting. With no prospect of receiving favorable treatment from an officeholder named Clinton, how many people will respond?  We shall see.  But my guess is that Hillary is bidding for a good turnout by trashing President Trump every chance she gets (including overseas on her current tour of Australia), thereby claiming a title as leader of the...(Read Full Post)