Busted! FBI-DOJ caught using redactions of House Intel Committee Report to protect their posteriors

The release of a less redacted version of the House Intelligence Committee Report on Russian active measures (AKA "collusion") has exposed abuse of the redaction process to protect the bureaucrats at the FBI and Department of Justice. In theory, redacting of official documents prior to public release is supposed to be solely to protect confidential sources, or protect ongoing prosecutions, or otherwise serve legitimate government interests.  Redactions to prevent embarrassment or potentially illegal activities on the part of federal officials is not legitimate. Yet that is clearly what happened when the House Intelligence Committee report was first redacted by the DOJ and FBI.  Rick Moran noted at the time of the first release that Republicans were angry at what they saw as totally unnecessary redactions and demanded release of a more complete version. Now that a less redacted version has been released, Americans can see that James...(Read Full Post)