Big news that the MSM downplay and ignore

There are several recent important stories getting very little air time on network and cable news.  Here are some:

Iraq, the U.S., and Turkey worked together to capture five ISIS leaders.  They did not kill them with drones, which allowed them to get intelligence that allowed them to kill other ISIS members.

Iraq has arrested five senior members of the Islamic State, including a top aide to the militant group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in an operation that involved U.S. and Turkish intelligence support[.]

A spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Thursday that the information gleaned from Ithawi had led to two recent Iraqi airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria.

According to Newsbusters:

CBS Evening News was the only member of the big three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to even mention it that evening.  The national evening newscasts of Spanish-language Univision and Telemundo also kept quiet about it.

Israel took out most if not all Iranian military installations in Syria.  We get to see how the Iranian deal with Obama and Kerry stabilized the region and how Iran uses the billions Obama gave him to support Assad and terrorism.  (Does this look as if Iran is trying to stabilize or destabilize the region?)

Israeli carried out its largest wave of airstrikes in Syria since the 1973 war, striking around 50 Iranian military bases, supply depots, and intelligence sites as well as Syrian regime air defense batteries, the Israeli military said.

Congress, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump all promised to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  None kept his word until Trump, and now Israel wants to name a square in  Embassy Row after Trump.  Israel said ten other countries are considering moving their embassies.  The media and Democrats all said moving the embassy would destabilize the region.

A traffic island located next to the new American embassy in Jerusalem will be named in honor of the United States and President Donald Trump.

The area will be called "United States Square – in honor of President Donald Trump," Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced on Tuesday.

"President Trump has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people, to stand on the side of the truth, and to do the right thing," Barkat said in a statement.  "Naming this square in honor of the president is our way of showing our love and respect for the president and the American people, who always stand by the side of Israel."

According to the State Department, President Obama didn't require Iran to sign the Iran deal.  It is not a treaty or an executive agreement, so why are the media and others acting as though it had been a binding agreement that Trump was reneging on?  It appears to be some sort of worthless agreement that Obama did not present to Congress for ratification, either.  Chuck Schumer and other Democrats were against the deal at the time also.

President Obama didn't require Iranian leaders to sign the nuclear deal that his team negotiated with the regime, and the deal is not "legally binding," his administration acknowledged in a letter to Representative Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) obtained by National Review.

"The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document," wrote Julia Frifield, the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, in the November 19 letter.

Democrats are acting as though they are morally opposed to Gina Haspel because of the intensive interrogation techniques after 9-11.  Somehow, they weren't outraged when they voted for John Brennan even though he was higher up than Gina Haspel at the CIA at the time.  They didn't seem concerned at all about waterboarding when they and John McCain voted for Brennan.

Selective outrage and selective morality indicate that they don't really care.  They appear to be sexist because they are willing to vote against an extremely qualified woman while they voted for a man with the same history or worse.

Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy (Vt.) and Jeff Merkley (Ore.) and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) joined with 31 Republicans in voting against Brennan's nomination.  All have expressed concerns about the Obama Administration's drone program.

Thirteen Republicans wound up voting for Brennan, including five members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Among the most notable were Sens. John McCain (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.).

There also hasn't been much time to report on the economy and especially the skyrocketing revenues to the government in April.  It just doesn't fit the agenda or predictions so the media need to hide it so they can strive for a "blue wave."

The true reason they don't have time to cover these stories is that they have to give massive amounts of time to the truly honorable and honest porn star and her attorney.

I wonder why the media elites don't tout the biography of the sleazy attorney.

He's become famous as the brash lawyer for the porn star who purportedly bedded the future president, but before Michael Avenatti accused Donald Trump and his attorney of a payoff scheme to muzzle Stormy Daniels, he faced allegations of dubious business dealings as owner of a flailing coffee chain.

Since his investment firm bought bankrupt Tully's Coffee for $9.15 million at auction five years ago, Avenatti's company has been named in more than 50 state and federal legal complaints, including commercial lawsuits, breach of lease actions and warrants for unpaid taxes, court records show.

All the while, Tully's has shuttered store after store – from Everett to Bellevue, Tacoma to Seattle, and beyond – with employees left in limbo, landlords left unpaid and customers left holding now seemingly worthless loyalty cards.

As always, journalists are extremely worthless if their stories are based purely on an agenda and Democrat talking points aimed at destroying Trump.  That is what we get every day.

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