Are the Democrats serious about defending our people?

Please take yourself back to the days following September 11th. Was anyone concerned about mistreating terrorists? Or were  you concerned, as I was, that we might be hit again with an even larger bomb?    

We are witnessing a lack of seriousness surrounding the Gina Haskell confirmation hearings. It sure looks to me as if Senate Democrats are looking for a video clip that they can then send out in a fundraising letter. It is embarrassing!

Brigitte Gabriel hit the target with her article:  

Haspel, despite her decades of excellent service keeping our country safe, is now at the receiving end of the leftist smear machine, as it attempts to redefine her reputation as some sort of torture queen -- simply because she was doing her job and protecting America from its enemies.

Opposition to Haspel began when ProPublica published a story claiming that Haspel oversaw a clandestine base where waterboarding took place, and that she mocked the prisoner’s suffering in a private conversation. 

This was not true, and ProPublica had to retract parts of its story and apologize to Haspel for its errors.

The truth is that Haspel did not become the chief of base at an overseas terrorist interrogation camp until after the waterboarding of terrorist suspects had ended. 

Likewise, she was cleared of any wrongdoing regarding the disposal of terrorist interrogation video tapes while serving at this overseas post.

Add to this that it was President Clinton who signed the executive order creating rendition prisons that are suddenly so controversial. After 9/11, reality and threats took it to another level that included Gitmo. As we know, Senator Obama promised to close Gitmo but President Obama didn't.

Once again, we see a confirmation hearing turned into just another opportunity for Senate Democrats to tell us, and their base, that they oppose everything Trump. We know that they do but it cheapens the confirmation process to turn it into five-minute attacks on President Trump.

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