And now for our latest 'blue wave report'

Between a new unemployment rate (3.9%, the lowest since December 2000) and the latest Stormy Daniels payment story, we get two interesting stories:

1. President Trump's approval is 51%.  To be honest, I don't jump up and down over polls.  However, it's clear that the polls are trending Trump's way.  How long will that trend continue?  I can't answer that, but they are trending his way right now.

2. There is good news from the U.S. Senate front, according to Morning Consult via Ben Shapiro:

According to new Morning Consult polls, the Democrats are in serious trouble in Senate races across the country. 

Republicans have serious leads in West Virginia, where incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin trails by 14 points; North Dakota, where incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp trails by 8; Indiana, where incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly trails by 5; Missouri, where incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill trails by 5; Montana, where incumbent Democrat Jon Tester trails by 5; Florida, where incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson is locked in a near-deadlock with Rick Scott; and Pennsylvania and Ohio, where incumbent Democrats Bill Casey and Sherrod Brown are leading by less than two points each, plus Virginia, where Tim Kaine leads by just 3 on the generic ballot.  In the best-case scenario for Republicans, then, they could win up to nine additional Senate seats.

Again, I am not going to tell to go out and schedule an Election Night GOP Victory Party, unless you live in Texas, where I am confident that Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz will be re-elected.

Beyond polls and numbers, it's clear that there is a disconnect between media and the larger circle that lives between the coasts.  In other words, some in the media are determined to get Trump, but most of us are prepared to give the GOP a larger majority in the U.S. Senate.

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