Amid all the caravan posturing, the terrorists are still out there, trying to get in

The migrant caravan organizers may think they've seized the "narrative" in their bid to open the borders, using Central American migrants as their wedge, but Homeland Security boss Kirstjen Nielsen has put the matter in perspective.  Speaking to Fox News, she warned that fifteen terrorists a day are trying to get into the United States one way or another.

That's how many they know about.  How many others, we don't know.  According to Fox News, she explained it this way:

People think of border security in very different ways but to me it's very simple: border security is national security[.] ... What we see at the Department of Homeland Security, we see 15 terrorists either planning to travel or actually traveling to the United States each day, known and suspected terrorists. So that means they are coming through our legal land, port and air but they could be coming across that (southwest) border.

It's been a while since we have heard from the terrorists, given the thrashing President Trump gave to ISIS over in the Middle East.  But apparently, they're still out there, still trying to come here, and nobody benefits more from illegal alien activism of the Central American sandalista crowd looking to remake themselves more than the beasts who behead.

For that, is it any wonder most Americans aren't sympathetic to the caravanners and all their illegal-alien sob stories meant to tug at our heartstrings?  Breitbart reports that a majority of likely voters think President Trump is right to stop the caravan's finest from entering the United States.

According to the latest poll by Rasmussen Reports, about 54 percent of likely voters said the Trump administration should stop the "hundreds of people from Central America who have come across Mexico in a highly publicized caravan" that are "threatening to enter the United States illegally any day now."

Only about 37 percent of likely voters said the caravan of asylum-seekers and border-crossers should be allowed into the U.S. while they await their immigration and asylum hearings.  Less than ten percent said they were not sure what to do with the caravan.

The caravan movement is nothing more than the assertion of a false right of those living in hellholes of their own making (these people vote for left-wing populists who coddle criminals and promote socialism and, not surprisingly, don't like the result) to come to the United States help themselves to the taxpayer-paid services on demand.  Yet the terrorists are still out there, still dreaming of the great jihad martyrdom to make something meaningful of their otherwise worthless lives, and recognize that there's nothing but benefit in it for them, as Nielsen's data shows. 

Nielsen is on the mark for pointing out the bigger problem threatening all of us.

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