American Thinker cited in lawsuit against Obama Presidential Center

I have to say I am delighted to have been cited in the lawsuit filed by the nonprofit organization Protect Our Parks against the transfer of public park land to the private group that will build, own, and run the Obama Presidential Center, intended for 19 acres of prime lakefront land in Chicago.

 As I noted yesterday:

The complaint cites an "institutional bait and switch" because the original plan was for a federal entity to take possession of the land and build an Obama Presidential Library, which would be publicly owned and controlled.  That was the bait used to obtain priceless open park land that would be taken away from the citizens of Chicago.  The switch came when the presidential library plan was sidelined, and in its place was instituted a "presidential center" that would be under the control of a private foundation, with Barack Obama himself in a position to shape the center's planning, mission, and operations toward whatever ends he desires.

But after reading the actual complaint filed with the court (hat tip: Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival), I see that my own writing forms part of the complaint.  From page 3:

I was going to be following this case in any event, but now I will pay even closer attention.