A miracle in Gaza! The man with the crutches suddenly started running

It seems as if the miracles of Israel are traveling to the murderous terrorists in Gaza.  While the Muslims of Israel don't seem more upset than their usual whininess, the Muslims in Gaza are continuing their daily day of rage.  All day, every day.  The day that the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem is opened.

But look!  Tear gas!  Smoke from Muslims burning tires!  And miraculously, the injured walk!  They run!  They discard their crutches!  A miracle!

But whoops...the smoke clears; the tear gas dissipates; the cameras are back on the poor victims.  And suddenly, the runner needs his crutches again because the evil Israelis won't let him kill them!

Yanki Farber captures (literally) the miraculous farce and the lies from Gaza.  

A miracle in Gaza.  The man with the crutches suddenly started running

Watch and be amazed at the lies from that Hamas-led, Iranian-subsidized terrorist enclave and the gullible media that believe them.  That's not miraculous; that's stupidity in action.