Winter kills: 48,000 Brit deaths blamed on worst winter in 42 years

If only Michael Mann could "adjust" real temperatures the way he adjusted them on his infamous "hockey stick" graph that formed the key argument of Al Gore's scaremongering hit movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  But instead of "The end of snow" (New York Times, 2014), Britain has gotten hit with a long and very cold winter.

The tabloid Daily Star sensationalizes the cold snap with "studies" that come up with the figure of 48,000 "excess" deaths blamed on the cold snap.  Quite frankly, one can concoct all sorts of studies to "prove" or "demonstrate" all sorts of dubious propositions.  So I am not really endorsing the number of fatalities from the cold that are claimed.

But the fun fact is that the warmist doomsayers are once again shown to be full of hot air.


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