What's up with Dick Durbin's and Pete Sessions's secret junket to Venezuela?

Claiming he was just trying to free Josh Holt, a devout young Mormon from Utah held hostage by Venezuela's Maduro regime on phony charges, left-wing Illinois Democratic senator Dick Durbin isn't exactly credible about his real mission in his secret visit to Caracas this past week. Rep. Pete Sessions, a Dallas-based Republican, isn't exactly believable, either, given that he called his secret trip with Durbin "a peace mission" to Caracas last week.  Ralf. Stranger still, Sessions should have good reason to despise Durbin, given that Durbin invented a phony story for the press about Sessions insulting President Obama in 2013, something even Obama's White House denied.  Durbin apparently does a lot of this.  It was Durbin who invented the story about President Trump calling migrant countries "s-hole countries," which the White House again denied.  What a guy. So what could the two of them have...(Read Full Post)