Did PC allow abusive lesbian couple to adopt (and kill) six black children?

The horrific cliff plunge of eight people off an isolated northern California highway, and now the revelation that it was likely intentional, ought to raise questions about political correctness, given the abusive backdrop. What we had here was a lesbian couple virtue-signaling with six adopted black children, who used them publicly for political purposes and then abused them back home, before eventually driving them all off a cliff in a Thelma and Louise-style dramatic climax.  The question it raises is why a couple like this was permitted to adopt six innocent black children, why they were able to use and showcase them for political purposes, and why authorities failed to act quickly to shut the whole thing down when the first evidence of child abuse surfaced.  The result is a terrible apparent murder-suicide that's now on their hands, quite possibly as a result of political correctness – a willingness to ignore red flags because the white flags...(Read Full Post)