Want to permanently stunt a country? A dose of communism will do it

As the late, great William F. Buckley once noted, communism is the greatest curse mankind has ever known.  Now a study confirms it. According to the New York Post, reprinting an item that ran in the Sun of the U.K.: Living under communism makes countries poorer and less healthy for decades, according to a landmark new study. Researchers testing historical connections between cultures found that whether a country had been under communism was the biggest factor for those with lower health, income and educational levels. In the first undertaking of its kind, they analyzed the fortunes of 44 countries across Europe and Asia and looked at geography, religion, systems of government and a more intangible quality called "deep cultural ancestry." Obviously, communism not only kills like a disease while it's in operation, but continues to kill after it's eventually shaken off.  And no nation not afflicted with it suffers the same...(Read Full Post)