Turns out James Comey was a blabbermouth all along

In the world of people who hold security clearances, you either keep your mouth shut on national secrets or you don't.

So who's surprised to learn that James Comey was a leaker, and not just a one-time leaker, but a serial leaker, and he leaked to more people than originally reported. In short, he blabbed like a teenage girl and word got around. According to Fox News' Catherine Herridge and her team:

The James Comey memos that leaked to the media and were a catalyst for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller were more widely shared than previously known, three sources familiar with the matter tell Fox News.

Sources identified former U.S. Attorney and special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald as the likely recipient, and did not rule out a third individual, in addition to Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, who shared contents with the media. The memos documenting Comey’s private conversations with the president are now the subject of a Justice Department Inspector General review over the presence of classified information.

Patrick Fitzgerald is a longtime friend of Comey's and now his lawyer, as first reported by Talking Points Memo.

So Comey not only leaked classified documents surrounding his private conversations with President Trump to Columbia University law professor, Daniel Richman, a personal buddy of his, he also leaked them to another buddy, his former classmate Patrick Fitzgerald, whose last claim to fame was in railroading Scooter Libby. Of course neither man would have been authorized to receive the information, and would probably be in some legal trouble just for having it in their possession. So now Comey is saying Richman was his lawyer as well as an unpaid special government employee, (something Comey had never mentioned before) while Fitzgerald has now joined his legal team, becoming one of Comey's lawyers, and presumably entitled to view classified information. Both moves seem to have been done by Comey to cover his tracks and legitimize his disclosure of classified information (and their possession of it) from potential prosecutors whose job is to keep classifed information classified. It seems a bit improvised, an afterthought, a cover-your-a** maneuver as they say in the intelligence profession. And given that these were all Comey's little friends, cronyish. People who've taken classified information shouldn't be turning up on defendants' legal teams.

The next question is who they passed the information on to, telephone-style.

This is why you don't want people holding security clearances who cannot or will not protect classified information.

James Comey didn't seem to recognize this. His D.A. background -- Comey was never an FBI Special Agent, is showing. And if such people are ever to be allowed into agencies such as the FBI, they need to be educated into the 'don't blab' culture of intelligence and smacked down when they do.


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