Trump's hidden gem: Mike Pence hits it out of the park in Latin America

Unless you read the Spanish-language tweets, or read all the way to the bottom of U.S. news accounts about the Summit of the Americas, you'd never know what a kickass job Mike Pence did for the U.S. this week in Lima, Peru.

He knocked it out of the park with his lead on Venezuela's moral odiousness and failed democracy and in so doing, brought the rest of the long-reluctant Latin states along with him, stating: “We want one message to be clear: We are with the people of Venezuela.”

He openly met with Venezuela's opposition leaders who have been shut out of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro's fraud elections sham elections on May 20, making clear nobody's going to recognize those. He came with aid for Venezuelan refugees in other Latin countries, some $16 million, and vowed more sanctions on Venezuela's corrupt Chavista dictatorship. He also demanded that the Chavista allow aid in to help Venezuelas starving people, something the Chavistas have forbidden based on the bad public relations it would mean.

You can read about it in the Miami Herald's buried lede here, with my boldface emphasis added:

Trump has taken a very aggressive posture toward Venezuela, leading efforts around the world to isolate the Maduro regime that has allowed the once-mighty oil rich nation to deteriorate to life-threatening levels.

The Trump administration has slapped more than 20 sanctions against Venezuelan officials and restricted U.S. investment and financial transactions, including those involving Venezuela’s new digital currency.

The United States has also galvanized the Europeans, Canadians, Panamanians and other members of the hemisphere to denounce Caracas and issue their own measures, including freezing Venezuelan leaders’ assets or warning banks against dealing with Maduro and his officials.

Very aggressive posture toward one of the world's foulest dictatorships, one that is literally starving its people, Zimbabwe-style? Galvanized the others to follow its lead?
No wonder the actual Latin Americans on Twitter, the opinion leaders, such as Pedro Burelli, who really is non-partisan, and has 173,000 followers, had so much good to say about it on Twitter:

I used Google Translate to quickly translate his Spanish-language tweets and then checked them for accuracy, but if you read Spanish, go look at the original tweets here.

Pedro Mario Burelli Retweeted USA in Spanish

Extraordinary intervention in favor of the freedom of Venezuela of @ VP Pence in VIII Summit of the Americas. The DICTATOR @NicolasMaduro will leave the power much sooner than later. The era of Obama, Kerry and Shannon ended. Patience with the NARCOS finally came to an end.

Pedro Mario Burelli added,
USA in Spanish
Verified account @USAenEspanol
. @ VP Pence: The United States believes it is time to do more. Every free nation gathered here must take more energetic measures to isolate the Maduro regime. We must all be with our brothers and ...
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Pedro Mario Burelli

Pedro Mario Burelli Retweeted Jorge Arreaza M (translator note: a crummy Chavista official)

The ventriloquist doll of Cuba tweeted what he was sent from Havana. Pathetic type of character that always surround tyrants, satraps and dictators. Obedient, without scruples, or a mirror to see the ridiculousness they do 24/7 while their countries are screwed. Poor horned devil.

Pedro Mario Burelli added,

Jorge Arreaza M
Verified account @jaarreaza
That Summit so gray that of Lima! Right-wing governments plead with the supremacist @realDonaldTrump, while bombing villages and generating death and destruction. They use Venezuela as a smokescreen to hide their internal tragedies: beatings, frauds, conflicts and corruption
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Pedro Mario Burelli
17h17 hours ago

Pedro Mario Burelli Retweeted Semana Magazine (translator note: a leading Colombian magazine, which quoted Colombia's appeasionist President Juan Manuel Santos)

it was never as widespread as today. "

Pedro Mario Burelli
Apr 13

Pedro Mario Burelli Retweeted Luis Almagro (translator note: a tweetabout FARC Marxist narcoterrorists violating Santos' "peace" agreement with them, and slaughtering three innocent Ecuadorean journalists)

The Nobel @ Barack Obama was precipitated and product of the shameful adulation of the Committee of the Peace Prize in Oslo.

The Nobel at @JuanManSantos was a product of the President's vanity and the premature endorsement of the Peace Prize Committee in Oslo to a very flawed agreement.

He's obviously had it with the failed appeasement and negotiations that have gone on for years under the Bush and Obama administrations and is finally seeing some action from Trump and Pence. He also forecasts that the party's over for the Chavistas and a turning point has been reached: That they are going to be thrown out.

What we are seeing here is more evidence of President Trump's effective foreign policy on what have been seen as implacable fronts.

Nobody thought the Chinese would cooperate with President Trump on trade. Nobody thought the North Koreans would come to the negotiating table. Nobody thought Syria's Bashar al-Assad would get his, something he is proving a slow learner about these days, but obvious enough to the rest of us. Time and again, we are seeing players coming to the U.S. on its terms to talk turkey instead of delay and obfuscate. That goes for Maduro, who has refused to allow aid into his country to feed his starving people, and the weak, weak, weak response that has followed from Venezuela's regional neighbors, especially at summits like this. Presidents Bush and Obama so wanted to please the weaker countries. Trump just wants to get things done. Pence is a remarkable lieutenant for the project, tactful yet forceful, and easily carries the heft of a sitting U.S. president in the U.S.'s stead. He's done a great job and President Trump notices people who do great jobs. Pence did us proud. It's just a shame that the press has no intention of noticing.