Trump's approval tops 50%, left still shilling tax cuts bad for us

You've got to be incorrigibly in opposition to reality if you want the American people to somehow believe that tax cuts are bad for us, Obamacare bends the cost of health care downward, and higher salaries and more jobs are just terrible.

A new Rasmussen tracking poll shows that President Trump's approval has risen to 50%, with 49% stating some degree of disapproval, meaning that more Americans approve of President Trump than disapprove.  This is a first, and it knocks another leg out from under the argument that President Trump is disastrous.

So all the Beltway chatter about "chaos" in the Trump White House is a non-starter.  All the "Russia, Russia Russia" yak is a loser for the Democrats promoting it.  All the impeachment talk is rubbish.  All the media coverage about gun control, terrorist attacks, America's supposed lost influence in the world, and homelessness is utterly irrelevant.

Trump, as a matter of fact, is popular. 

And it's not hard to see why.

Tax cuts have exploded through the economy, with multiple chain reactions of benefits raining down on workers.  This includes not just less to pay to the taxman, and that's no small thing, but worker bonuses that thousands of industries have given, more jobs to choose from, and rising wages as more of the economy is taken back into action.  What's more, the worst of Obamacare is now on the run.  No one is now required to buy health insurance plans that mandatorily subsidize some favored special interest groups (such as drug addicts and other people's children's dental needs), and people now have the freedom to purchase health care policies that fit their own needs, not other people's.  America, in short, is baaack.

Here's the crazy thing: Democrats are still shilling the line that tax cuts are bad.  They want us to hate that money we earned and can now keep, and they are now saying most salaries have not risen as a result of the cuts.  This is stupidity writ large, because salaries go up as competition for workers intensifies.  With more of the economy coming back online, workers have more jobs to choose from, and that naturally drives up salaries, so that argument will go bad as fast as day-old meat.  They also want us to love single-payer health insurance as an antidote to Obamacare, as if voters wouldn't say: Thank you, we have had enough.

I still can't say if there will be a great blue wave come November, but as things stand now, Trump is in good shape for re-election himself in 2020 if the trend holds.  As voters compare and contrast how their needs have been met, I wouldn't bet on Trump losing.

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