Trump chose wisely, ignoring the White House Correspondents Association hatefest

President Trump held a rally in Michigan on Saturday night while the DC media establishment held their annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner.  The latter is the event where every year some leftist host is chosen to spew what is always a joyous celebration for the leftist media at which those on the stage bash all things Republican, conservative and decent.  Trump wisely chose not to attend last year and did not attend this year.   As everyone knows, the night is meaningless, an open-mic night for anti-Republican jokes that are really just insults.  But the jokes have become cruder and ruder year after year.  One thing about the left is certain, written in stone:  they are vicious, malicious and filled with hatred for all things not radically leftist.  This year was, as last year, a doubling down on the vulgar.  Who was this year's host, Michelle Wolf?  A young alleged...(Read Full Post)