Trump administration dumps another pro-Palestinian shibboleth

So far, there has been little reaction because the change came so quietly. But on Friday, the US State Department issued an important document that refused to conform to the previously mandatory language that paid lip service to political correctness’s Palestinian Division. The Times of Israel reports:

The US State Department released its annual report on human rights violations around the world on Friday, and there was at least one discernible difference from past reports: It no longer refers to the West Bank as “occupied.”

Whereas previous iterations of the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices had a section on “Israel and the Occupied Territories,” this year’s document refers instead to “Israel, Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza.”

While not as visible as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, this is still very significant. To use the language of Trump-haters, it is “normalizing” Israel’s hold on the lands it won in war – the way conquest, especially in defensive wars, works. Poland is not about to give back to Germany the territory that was taken at the end of World War 2. It's Gdansk, not Danzig. And the children and grandchildren of former Deutchlanders of Danzig are bot considered refugees, the way the descendents of Arabs who once lived in the territoty that is now Israel claim to be (with a right of "return" to a land they never set foot in).

Nor is the US about to hand over the lands it won from Mexico,as La Raza wants.

War and conquest is how pretty much every nation established itself as sovereign over whatever territory it rules. But for reasons as old as the World’s Oldest Hate, Israel is held to a different standard. Except that now, the Trump administration is signaling that it no longer will follow the Israel-only rules, at least in choice of labels. Exactly as it is doing with another phony-baloney Israel-only shibboleth: that one can be born in one country, and yet be a refugee from another country

I want all those people who think Trump is Hitler to explain how this could possibly happen  with Hitler in charge.

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