Time to let Puerto Rico stand on its own two feet

Puerto Rico should be granted its independence from the United States as soon as possible.  How may this be done? In 1934, the United States Congress passed the Tydings-McDuffie Act that freed the Philippine Islands from American control.  This act provides the legal framework to grant Puerto Rico independence. P.R. should not be simply released and told to go its own way.  Though it is a complicated goal, the U.S. government can detach the island and yet give its people a fair chance for independent success.  Independence for P.R. begins in Congress. Puerto Rico owes approximately $70B to its various creditors.  Before it is granted full independence, P.R. should take specific steps to resolve its debt.  How can this be done?  Oil.  This Caribbean island is surrounded by oil and natural gas.  Though the industry is not well...(Read Full Post)