The Democrats's Job Corps blows another $11.9 billion

The problem with Democrats is that they think they can endlessly squeeze businesses for taxes and regulations, and then, as the inevitable happens, and tens of thousands of workers lose their jobs, they can just stuff the workers into retraining programs for other supposedly more abundant jobs, or better still, warehouse them on welfare, so that as newly minted beggars, they will be easier to please. So take a gander at one of these much vaunted worker retraining programs, the Job Corps, which blew $1.7 billion per year during the Obama years (2010-2016) for a total of $11.9 billion, with a study now showing that it was pretty much a conveyor belt to welfare, not a training program to get workers better jobs. According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, citing a new study: A federal program dedicated to getting people jobs couldn't prove it did its own job, a government watchdog reported Tuesday. Job Corps, which teaches adults skills that are supposed to qualify...(Read Full Post)