The Democratic Party's abandonment of truth

Truth is not arbitrary, relative, or subjective.  It isn't determined by gender, ethnic, or social status.  It is not subject to changing morals, customs, or laws.  Truth cannot be true for you and untrue for me, nor can what is true become untrue.  The essential characteristic of truth is truth.

The Democratic Party would have us reject truth and embrace error, because a large segment of the party's constituents has done so.   Their leaders seem to be more interested in pacifying aberrant behavior than in correcting it.  Their lust for power tolerates what has always been intolerable;  therefore, the 21st-century Democratic leadership has become both the megaphone and the procreator of a false reality. 

If I were a Democrat, I would be expected to agree that an obvious man is a woman, simply because he decided to identify as a woman.  Instead of foreseeing the inevitable cultural destruction such parasitic ideas spawn, Democrats are enacting laws compelling us to accept biological untruths as reality.  For example, in New York City, a person and or business can be fined for refusing to call an individual by his preferred sex, irrespective of their unalterable biological reality.  Today's Democrats require the suspension of free speech and religion if either conflicts with the newly accepted false reality.  Just like subjects of the unclothed emperor, we are encouraged to vocalize a lie and pretend not to observe our crumbling society. 

The same Democrats who demand that we deny the apparent differences between men and women  would never accept us demanding unsubstantiated monetary claims.  If any of us were to walk into a bank self-identifying as a millionaire, he would be required to prove that he has at least a million dollars on deposit.  His absurd financial identity claims would grant access only to his true balance.  No Democratic leader would ever support his contention of being a millionaire based on how he feels. Even Democrats would demand absolute proof. 

Democrats can foresee the financial collapse of our economy rooted in the claims of delusional self-proclaimed millionaires.  They just cannot foresee the collapse of our society stemming from the abandonment of biological truth.

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