Sweden’s chief economic forecaster: taxes will have to rise to support non-working immigrants

Pay up, Olaf! Those immigrants that have transformed life in Sweden in so many ways don’t seem to taking jobs to support themselves the way ethnic Swedes do. And in a land of generous welfare benefits, taxes are going to have to go up, unless the “new Swedes” start behaving like the real Swedes when it comes to get-up-and-go. Voice of Europe reports: Chief forecaster of Sweden’s Economic Research Institute, Ylva Hedén Westerdahl, points out that unless more immigrants enter the labour market in Sweden, taxes will have to rise. Sweden has a “rights-based” welfare system, which she calls “generous”, which includes healthcare and education. Hedén Westerdahl has stressed that it is required for people to contribute to the system otherwise the labourers will have an even greater tax burden. ”It’s serious that we have these differences in the longer perspective. Once you stay out of the labour market for...(Read Full Post)