Surprise: Trump's tax cuts will more than pay for themselves

The Congressional Budget Office is now admitting that President Trump's tax cuts will pay for themselves and more, although we will never read that in most of the press.   Here is one instance, though, from the Wall Street Journal, with a few snippets: "Tax Cut Growth Dividend." And here is what we learn from it. The CBO says the economy will grow 3.3% this year, the most since 2005. Revenues over 10 years are estimated at $44.1 trillion, which is about $1 trillion more than the CBO's estimate before the tax cuts. The CBO also says the tax cut will make the economy grow faster – to 3.3% this year and 2.4% in 2019.  The last time the economy grew this fast was in 2005 (which was after President George W. Bush's tax cuts).  This produces more revenue that the CBO previously estimated. The CBO says growth will fall back down to Obama-era levels starting in 2020, but the budget bureau's economists are...(Read Full Post)