Sunday Schadenfreude: Venezuela goes from summit darling to literally pig at garden party

You've heard of skunks at the garden party? Such as still-ruling Nicaraguan socialist strongman, Daniel Ortega, who got his famous nickname from none other than the great Ronald Reagan? Well, now we have pigs at the garden party of democracy, the Organization of American States' Summit of the Americas, and this time, quite literally. At the globally watched summit, locals released a bunch of pigs through the streets of the Peruvian capital of Lima, around the Plaza San Martin, which is one of its main public spaces, spray-painted with the names of Venezuela's dictator, Nicolas Maduro, and Cuba's dictator, Raul Castro. And in the video of it, the local lefties squealed.

Here's a screen grab of the lovely spectacle from Peru's top newspaper, El Comercio, which features the actual video here.

Pigs named Castro and Maduro, running through Lima / Screenshot from video by El Comercio

How far the Chavistas ruling Venezuela have fallen! Not long ago, they were drawing high praise from the likes of Bernie Sanders, Joe Kennedy, Jr. and the Hollywood left. They were praised for their socialist social programs which have since left Venezuelans starving and fleeing, and were feted at the summit itself as a great challenger to the yanqui imperialistas, which was what President Bush had to put up with when he went to the thing in Argentina in 2005, and Time magazine gushed about how late dictator Hugo Chavez would 'steal the show.' again. Hurl. 

It got grosser still, when Chavez pressed a communist book so bad its own author repudiated it into President Obama's hands in 2009, which Obama called 'a nice gesture' and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously grabbed Chavez by the arm to show her great friendship with the ruinous brute. See all the photos from that disgrace at this Chavista website here.

Now Venezuela has been booted from the summit, getting an actual disinvitation from coming, the country has been condemned almost unanimously as a horror show by all the other Latin nations, led by Vice President Mike Pence, and pigs are roaming the streets of Lima with Maduro's name on them.

It's a major, major fall in prestige as this excellent analysis from Bloomberg describes it.

It's a completely well-deserved turnaround, brought to light by the bold actions of President Trump and his administration. Here are just a couple of fresh reasons why this hellhole is now finally being treated like a hellhole:

Inflation in Venezuela has hit 13,357% according to the one economist who watches these things, Dr. Steve Hanke at the Johns Hopkins University. He tweeted this about a day ago as of this writing and we know it hasn't stayed there:

So instead of wheelbarrows full of cash in this collapsing economy with the money running out and the currrency turning worthless, Venezuelans will now have to use dump trucks today and cargo holds tomorrow.

Here's another an item sent by Russ Dallen of Caracas Capital, who watches the country microscopically, I'll paraphrase in the interest of speed:

Oil production has hit 1949 levels, representing 69 years of progress down the drain. From producing more than three million barrels of oil a day, to now just one million and change, the country has gone back to the stone age, courtesy of socialism.

Meanwhile, the emigration figures are massive, the country is famous for starvation, sovereign bonds are going into default, and neighbors are now very nervous about the human waves.

Nobody has to respect a country like that. That even ordinary Latin Americans with their famously creative protests are getting into the act is a good sign that a wave against this nightmare is building.


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