Smoke and mirrors will blind you: Trump-supporters, stay on target

Let's face it: the media have no credibility, and most of the major networks don't report the news any longer.  Rather, they do their best to portray President Trump in a negative light and continue to make up stories that have no relationship whatsoever with the president's ability to perform his job.  These stories are desperate, childish, and intended to direct our attention away from President Trump's many accomplishments during his first year and a half in office.

Republicans and Trump-supporters should not be consumed by this smoke and mirror show and should continue to focus on, and point out, the president's many accomplishments and successes.

There are many to choose from.  For example, Republicans and pro-Trumpers should highlight some, or all, of the following (this list is by no means exhaustive):

  1. President Trump is draining the swamp in Washington.
  2. President Trump defanged the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate.
  3. President Trump passed and signed comprehensive tax reform.
  4. President Trump's policies have led to a reduction in illegal immigration.
  5. President Trump has exerted pressure on countries such as North Korea, which has led to tough U.N. trade sanctions.
  6. President Trump has stayed true to his word with respect to the "red line" he established, thereby re-establishing America's credibility around the world.
  7. President Trump has taken tough measures against Russia, including expelling Russian diplomats.
  8. President Trump has appointed several conservative judges, including a Supreme Court justice and many federal appeals court judges. 
  9. President Trump's policies have led to a better economy, continued economic growth, and lower unemployment.
  10. President Trump has enacted legislation that focuses on our military and takes care of our veterans.

This list is telling.  Republicans and pro-Trumpers should avoid fighting and arguing with people who oppose the president.  They should not criticize, demean, or insult anti-Trumpers on Facebook (if they are even permitted to make such posts), Twitter, or other forms of social media.  When they do this, they are biting at bait.  The more effective approach is to let the bait sit there, dangle, and age until nobody wants to eat it anymore.

The media and those who vehemently attack the president are engaged in a smear campaign loaded with misinformation and information that is irrelevant.  Think about a trial where one party is clearly winning, and the only thing the other party can do is deflect the jury's attention to something irrelevant.  Typically, the winning side will not participate in these shenanigans.  Rather, that side will continue to hammer home the important issues in order to keep the jurors focused.

Republicans and pro-Trumpers should follow this same line of thinking and should act accordingly.  After all, nobody cares who slept with whom, whether "mission accomplished" is an appropriate term to use, or whether President Trump tweets too much.  This is all nonsense and does not impact his ability to do the job and do it well.

When President Trump was elected, the American people wanted someone who would take care of them, first and foremost.  They wanted a president who does not bow down to special interest groups, who will boost the economy, create jobs, make the country more secure, and ensure that the United States puts itself first.  Throughout the first year and a half of his presidency, President Trump has delivered.

The American voters are smart.  They understand the issues that are important to them.  They are also cognizant of "fake news," the made up stories concocted by certain politicians, and the desperate measures taken by some in order to negatively impact the President and those closely associated with him.  Rather than engaging in name-calling, arguments, and banter, Republicans and pro-Trumpers should keep their eye on the prize (the midterms), focus on the president's many successes, and hammer them home whenever possible.       

Mr. Hakim is a lawyer focusing on civil and commercial litigation.

Twitter: @Elad3599