Shilling a book, Jimmy Carter can't stop popping off

Jimmy Carter is back, filling our television screens and newspapers with nonsensical blather, fawning journalists at his beck and call.

Seems the 93-year old failed former president, Sunday school teacher, and all-round-snopes, is shilling a book, banally titled: "Faith: A Journey for All," suggesting he calculates that this is an easy one to sell to the public. 

He's talking to the press, a lot, saying the American public elected President Trump because he was a jerk, instead of someone who would defend their interests, instead of all all-around smilin' nice guy like himself, and he's called President Trump's choice of John Bolton "a disaster for our country," quite without irony, given the fact that his entire presidency was a disaster for our country, and was only rescued with the election of the great Ronald Reagan who had to clean up the Carter mess.

He's calculating correctly that his book might sell, and the time is right for television appearances. The young millennials have no memory of Carter or the mess he caused, and the leftists of course like it. That gives him a pretty big reach now in his dotage.

What's annoying is that journalists fawning up to him ask him no hard questions, no questions about his disastrous record in office, and no questions about how he certified Venezuela's fraudulent recall referendum in 2004 and other fraud elections after that as "free and fair."

Now he's out popping off, each statement a bit worse than the last one. When will this nuisance go away?


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