Rich New York City liberals don't want their kids to integrate

A stress test is common in engineering.  It is done by applying a measured amount of force to the item in question to see if it is still able to meet specification.  In the wider world, stress tests can be done just by observing how people or organizations hold up when some kind of stress comes their way.  Are they robust and as strong as advertised?  Or are they flawed and merely putting up a front and apt to collapse at the onset of some trouble or setback?  In the verbiage of the street, can they walk the walk that matches their talk?

A sociological stress test of sorts is playing out on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It seems the wealthy liberals there don't want their children to integrate with people of color.

Here's what's going on.  As you can imagine, decent public schools in New York City are rare, and exceptional schools are the rarest of all.  Not surprisingly, the best schools – public schools, that is – are almost always found in affluent neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side.  That is the natural way of things.  Entry into them is based on statewide test scores.  But when the race warriors in the education bureaucracy looked, they were horrified.  These high-performing schools are predominantly white.

This is 2018, and in progressive NYC, this can't be allowed to stand.  Shades of Mississippi of 1960.  So comes the Distinct 3 desegregation plan.  This is a call to reserve 25% of the seats in the 16 high-performing schools of this Upper West Side district to students with low standardized test scores in math and English.  It will be blacks slated for those 25% reserved seats.  This isn't going over well with the wine and brie set.  But to make matters worse for them, in order to make room for the low performers, about 25% of their kids will have to go to schools of, shall we say, color.  That's a game-changer.

This controversy boiled over onto the front page of the New York Post.  The Post report is about school chancellor Richard Carranza inflaming the situation by saying, "Wealthy white Manhattan parents angrily rant against plan to bring more black kids to their schools."  To be fair to these West-Siders – something liberals will never reciprocate to conservatives – these parents are not objecting to blacks per se.  They are objecting to poorly educated kids being injected into their school, and these low performers happen to be black and brown.  I am sure that well educated, mannered, and highly polished blacks would be welcomed with open arms in District 3.  But that's not the issue, is it?

It may be possible for some to have mixed feeling about the fix the West Side parents are in.  After all, it is only human to want the best for one's own children and to have sorrow at seeing something performing well brought down and degraded.  But as the stress test here shows that the true song in the heart of these liberal hypocrites is "integration for thee, but not for me."  It seems that diversity is not quite the strength they preach to us about.  

I wonder how these hypocrites would react to having some Section 8 housing plopped down in their little enclaves.  Although my feelings may have some mixture in them (diversity?), I conclude by saying let these New York liberals stew in their own juices.  Sweet schadenfreude.

Image by Jonathan Rolande via Flickr, Creative Commons SA 2.0.