Michelle Obama seems to have a bad case of memory loss

Former first lady Michelle Obama is saying her husband followed the rules and was strict, while his successor, President Trump, is undisciplined and wild.  I believe she and Hillary Clinton should get together as they attempt to rewrite history and call themselves the delusional women. 

Here's how the press reported it:

The Obama administration "was like having the 'good parent' at home," the former first lady said. "The responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time." 

"And now we have the other parent," Obama added. "We thought it'd feel fun – maybe it feels fun for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules."

I believe that Michelle has it backward.

The good parent likes to teach the kids to take personal responsibility and to move up the economic ladder.  The bad parent thinks it is better for more people to be dependent on government with free food stamps, student loans they don't have to pay for, and free phones. 

The good parent teaches children that they have freedom of choice to buy the health care they want.  The bad parent doesn't believe that the children are smart enough to make that decision.  Only the master knows.  The bad parent also continually lies to his children that they can keep their plan and their doctor and lower their costs when he knows that is not the truth. 

The good parent believes that people and businesses should be able to keep more of what they earned for themselves.  The bad parent continues to take more for himself in order to increase his power. 

The good parent teaches his children not to drink, smoke, or use drugs.  The bad parent brags about doing blow. 

The good parent keeps his word to help Ukraine defend itself.  The bad parent doesn't care. 

The bad parent doesn't lift his finger to help Americans under attack.  Instead, he goes to his room and concocts a lie to protect his power.  A good parent would not do that. 

The bad parent tells his Jewish children he would move the embassy to Jerusalem when he never intended to.  He also uses taxpayer money to sway the Israeli election.  The good parent keeps his word to move the embassy and lets Israel decide its own elections. 

The bad parent uses the IRS to stifle the First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of association of people who want smaller government.  The good parent uses the IRS to administer the tax code. 

The bad parent used the Justice Department and intelligence agencies to spy on people he didn't like while protecting powerful people he liked.  He completely controlled the "independent" justice department by getting them to ignore enforcement on laws he didn't like.  The good parent has the justice department enforce the laws that Congress wrote and passed. 

A bad parent believes that manufacturing jobs are gone for good and makes no effort to get them back.  A good parent is bringing them back. 

The bad parent gives a country that pledges death to America and Israel and spreads terrorism around the world billions of dollars.  He also pays ransoms and allows a drug-running operation to thrive in the U.S. while lying to get the deal done.  The good parent tries to reverse this abomination. 

The bad parent supports an organization with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year, founded by a woman who wanted to create a cleaner race, a group that crushed and crunched babies for profit.  The good parent would like to defund that organization. 

The bad parent tells his children that the government can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever if they just hand over trillions of hard-earned dollars.  The bad parent uses manipulated computer models to push his policies while telling anyone who disagrees to shut up.  The good parent tells the children honestly that the climate has always changed naturally and is not so arrogant that he believes that humans can control the climate.  The good parent also knows that fossil fuels have improved the quality and length of life of all who use them.  The bad parent would rather see the undeveloped countries stay underdeveloped instead of expanding the use of fossil fuels. 

The bad parent dictatorially tells his daughters they must give up their privacy rights and allow boys and men to expose themselves if they say they feel like a girl or woman.  A good parent cares about his daughters' privacy rights and safety and reverses this abhorrent decision.

A good parent and spouse also do not go out and support a serial violator of laws, a person who handed out political favors for large cash donations and a woman who mentally abused any woman who dared tell the truth about her husband in her unending quest for power and money. 

The examples are too many to mention of Obama seeking to remake America instead of having the best interest of his "children at heart."  Leading from behind does not set a good example. 

We are always told how intelligent Michelle Obama is, but how could anyone with an ounce of intelligence watch what President Obama did for eight years and even suggest that he followed the rules?

I believe that Obama, instead of being a mature good parent, was actually a spoiled little brat who, when he didn't get his way, would just rule with his phone and his pen. 

Finally, not once in my life have I ever thought of any president or other politician as my parent.  I have only wanted them to lead the country in a responsible manner.  I have always considered any politician to be good if I thought 60% of his actions were good.  (I can never expect 100%.)  I am extremely thankful that we now have a president who is trying to put the power, purse, and freedom back in the hands of the people and who is actually trying to enforce the laws as Congress wrote them.  I also am proud that he is leading on foreign policy instead of following.  I certainly do not consider someone my parent who compared me to a domestic terrorist because I support smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower taxes. 

After eight years of Obama trying to remake America, leading from behind, and dictatorially ignoring or rewriting laws he didn't like, Trump a pleasant and necessary change. 

I do get aggravated at people who say they were Trump-supporters, but if he does one thing they don't like, they say they will never vote for him again.  That is very shortsighted because we might end up with another Obama or someone as corrupt as Hillary.  Do we really want people who believe the government should continue to expand its power and to continually confiscate a greater share of the money the people and businesses earn?

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