James Comey says Trump is untethered from the truth. I believe he has confused himself for Trump.

USA Today headlines: "James Comey book: Trump likened to mob boss, called 'unethical and untethered to truth.'" Comey was under oath in testimony to Congress and said he never leaked information and also said he did not clear Hillary before her interview.  Both statements were obviously lies.  Molly K. Cooper in The Hill: Comey in May testified that he had never authorized leaks of information on the two 2016 candidates or been an anonymous source in news stories about investigations related to them.  He also said he had no knowledge of classified information about either campaign being shared with the press[.] Here are some questions that purported journalists could ask Comey if they were actually interested in the truth instead of out to get Trump.  (Of course, they won't be asked because the truth doesn't matter and it doesn't fit the agenda.) It is obvious that you committed...(Read Full Post)