James Comey says Trump is untethered from the truth. I believe he has confused himself for Trump.

USA Today headlines: "James Comey book: Trump likened to mob boss, called 'unethical and untethered to truth.'"

Comey was under oath in testimony to Congress and said he never leaked information and also said he did not clear Hillary before her interview.  Both statements were obviously lies.  Molly K. Cooper in The Hill:

Comey in May testified that he had never authorized leaks of information on the two 2016 candidates or been an anonymous source in news stories about investigations related to them.  He also said he had no knowledge of classified information about either campaign being shared with the press[.]

Here are some questions that purported journalists could ask Comey if they were actually interested in the truth instead of out to get Trump.  (Of course, they won't be asked because the truth doesn't matter and it doesn't fit the agenda.)

  • It is obvious that you committed perjury before Congress.  Shouldn't an FBI director who commits perjury not only be fired, but be charged?
  • You wrote an exoneration letter for Hillary months before the investigation was completed.  Can you name other people you did that for? 
  • I am sure you knew that the Russian dossier was fake, so why was it used as a pretense to spy?  Is it ever OK for a sitting president to spy on a presidential candidate of the other party?  Can you tell us when this has happened before your FBI and Obama?
  • If there were actual evidence of Russian collusion, wouldn't both candidates be monitored instead of just Trump, especially since the Obama administration, the FBI, intelligence agencies and the Justice Department knew that Hillary and the DNC funded the dossier?
  • Didn't Hillary and Bill Clinton and John Podesta have relationships with Russia?  So why was there and is there no investigation of them if we are so worried about Russia?  Shouldn't there be a serious investigation of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation related to the Russian uranium sale? 
  • What violation of the criminal statutes was Robert Mueller appointed under?
  • Has the Logan Act ever been used before the Obama administration used it on Michael Flynn?  Isn't it OK for incoming administrations to talk to foreign counterparts?

Instead of getting questions like these, we get a blessing of Comey as if he were the most honest man who ever lived.

Here are some things that are actually untethered from reality:

  • The Russian collusion with Trump story from the start.
  • The fake Russian dossier.
  • The FBI and Justice operated independently while Obama was in office and were not political. 
  • The Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meeting was just a coincidence
  • There was ever a serious investigation of Hillary, her staff, or the Foundation. 
  • That there was a serious investigation into IRS targeting.   
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