Jacksonville city inspector suspended after citing business owner for flying military flags

An inspector for the city of Jacksonville, Florida has been suspended for her behavior after citing the owner of Jaguar Power Sports for flying military flags on a rooftop display. The flags were apparently in violation of code.  But it was the behavior of the inspector, Melinda Power, that got her in hot water with the mayor's office and led to her suspension. A customer, a wounded warrior, overheard her citing the owner and objected.  Her response was that he "did nothing for this country." News4: He told her he took three bullets in the leg while serving in the military. "You don't have to listen.  You don't have to hear anything.  If you watch the same video, her body language says it all," sales manager Marcy Moyer said.  "There is nothing polite.  There is nothing unassertive about her behavior." According to a statement from Curry, it was the...(Read Full Post)