In the press, how many 'experts' and anonymous sources are imaginary?

This story would be humorous if it wasn't so indicative of so much reporting today. An expert on student loans who has been used by multiple news outlets doesn't even exist. How many anonymous sources and experts are figments of journalists' imagination? Here is what the Chronicle of Higher Education has noted about a phantom expert source going by the name 'Drew Cloud': Drew Cloud is everywhere. The self-described journalist who specializes in student-loan debt has been quoted in major news outlets, including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and CNBC, and is a fixture in the smaller, specialized blogosphere of student debt. He’s always got the new data, featuring irresistible twists: One in five students use extra money from their student loans to buy digital currencies. Nearly 8 percent of students would move to North Korea to free themselves of their debt. Twenty-seven percent would contract the Zika virus to live...(Read Full Post)