Immoral politicians, from Chappaquiddick to the Mueller probe

Those of us who were adults in 1969 remember Ted Kennedy's manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne all too well.  The truth of the tragedy was obvious then, as shown exactly in the new film Chappaquiddick.  Kennedy was the last remaining spoiled son of a criminal, power-mad father unconcerned about his sons' character development.  Ted learned only that he and his family were above the law, that they were meant to wield power over the nation, and that that power would be attained by any means necessary.  The mystery at the time was why the people of Massachusetts could not see what most Americans saw and kept voting for him.  Nothing he ever did as a senator was for the good of the country.  Quite the reverse.

Kennedy's immigration policies forever altered the demographics of America and forced hundreds of thousands of working Americans out of the middle class.  It was Kennedy who put an end to forty years of low immigration and put chain migration into effect.  His refugee programs gave birth to the resettlement industry.  His 1986 amnesty, the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, was a betrayal of the promise he made to Ronald Reagan: that if Reagan supported this bill, illegal immigration would cease.  It did not, as almost none of the bill was enforced.  It was Kennedy, too, who initiated the lottery system that doled out fifty thousand green cards a year to persons from countries that shared the fewest common values with the United States.  In short, Donald Trump has inherited the catastrophic immigration mess begun by Kennedy and exacerbated by Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

The left has always sought to undermine the Constitution and the legacy of the Founding Fathers.  Never mind that those men created the freest, most diverse and successful nation in history.  They want to transform the greatest representative republic on Earth into a socialist utopia like Venezuela, but with open borders!  The immorality and devastation caused by their destructive policies never enter their minds.

Chappaquiddick is hard to watch, even for those of us who remember the actual event and Kennedy's pathetic manipulation of the facts, the media, and his constituents in order to be the victim, not the perpetrator of a crime that cost a young woman her life.  The level of Kennedy's narcissism and his complete lack of regard for anyone but himself are gut-wrenching.  The fact that his team of handlers and fixers is on the same unscrupulous page – how to save his political career and path to the presidency – is repellent.  And yet look where we are today.  A like-minded group of handlers and fixers who are equally loyal to the equally narcissistic Clintons and Obama has demeaned itself as surely as Kennedy's band of crooks demeaned themselves.  From Brennan at the CIA to Comey and McCabe, et al. at the FBI to Mueller and his carefully chosen collection of anti-Trump partisans to a group of media willing to cover up the worst political scandal in U.S. history, the left has learned nothing in fifty years about honor, grace, or goodness.  Leftists still will do anything to win, no matter how criminal.  And if they lose, they will do anything to reverse their loss, no matter how criminal.  It is as though cheating is in their DNA.

None of those who sold their souls to protect Ted Kennedy suffered any repercussions for creating a fictional "version of the truth" with which to hoodwink the public.  Only the cousin, Joe Gargan, the son of Rose Kennedy's sister, was disgusted by Kennedy's loathsome behavior – just not disgusted enough to leave.  It remains to be seen whether or not any of Hillary's and Obama's henchmen will be held responsible for their many crimes against the country.  A few, like Comey and McCabe, have lost their jobs.  But they will write books, as Comey already has, and make millions.

Dennis Prager, in his new book, The Rational Bible, writes that "[c]ourage is the rarest of all good traits[.] ... Unfortunately, in the battle against evil, all the good traits in the world amount to little when not accompanied by courage."  The sycophants that the Kennedy family employed, used, and abused and the malefactors who have done the Clintons' and Obama's bidding in order to prevent a Trump presidency and then overturn it are all of a piece.  They care not at all about the shabby character of those they seek to protect and propel into high office.  They just want to revel in the reflected glow of their ill-gotten power.  There is no courage of moral convictions.  They do not fight evil because they are the personification of it.

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