How Trump beat the left at its own game with the caravan to our border

Make no mistake: President Trump has vanquished an open borders propaganda operation and beaten the left at its own game.  With the announcement by Pueblo Sin Fronteras that the caravan it organized from Central America to the U.S. border will end in Mexico City, the humiliation is palpable.  You can tell by the denial of the obvious reality:

Fearful of the risks to children among the bedraggled and tired knot of travelers, the organizers of the annual caravan, U.S.-based advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, said it would end in the capital, not at the border as had been planned.

"It's not because of Donald Trump," said Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which has staged the caravan since 2010 to draw attention to migrants' rights and help them.

Mujica said the group did not want to put children on freight trains, which are traditionally used to cover part of the journey to the border.  Nicknamed "la bestia" (the beast), the train is infamous for causing injury to migrants.

All of a sudden, after years of annual treks, they realize that it is too hazardous, and it has nothing to do with Trump.  This is pathetic!

The fact is that President Trump knows how to use symbolism even better than the left does.  The annual treks were always about propaganda.  Because the bubble-dwelling mainstream media reflexively support illegal immigration, they assumed that the sight of suffering poor brown people on a march would draw sympathy and agitate for open borders, or at least for no strengthening of the weak border security.

But President Trump was almost certainly mindful of the columns of "Syrian refugees" (mostly from elsewhere, and mostly young males of military service age) who marched through Eastern Europe toward Germany and other wealthy Western European countries, where they proceeded to make crime rates, especially rape, explode.  And he knew that these images were potent reminders to Americans who do not reside in wealthy neighborhoods immune from the impact of 12 million poor illegal aliens (except as servants) that unless stronger measures are taken, we will be further overwhelmed by the billions of poor people around the world who would prefer to live here, where welfare benefits exceed the average income for working hard in their native lands.

Mexico, called out in tweets by Trump for allowing the caravan through its border, got the message quickly, probably believing that he meant it about torpedoing the NAFTA negotiations underway, and moved to document members of the caravan and probably lean on them to halt their plan to reach the border.

It took longer for Pueblo Sin Fronteras – an American organization despite its Spanish-language name – to get the message that pushing on with extended propaganda operation was hurting the open borders movement.  It turns out that Americans are not thrilled with the idea of welcoming an unlimited number of poor people and supporting them with free schools, medical care (Medicaid, hospital emergency rooms), food stamps, refundable tax credits, and on and on.  I suspect that the masters of propaganda and financiers of open borders leaned on them more than a little.

But there is no stopping at least some people who scorn laws.  CNN reports:

The caravan of Central American migrants going through Mexico to the US border isn't ending.  Instead, its participants will disperse into smaller groups after reaching Mexico City.

While some will stay in Mexico to try to get refugee status there, others will continue north to the US border.

Organizers of the caravan estimate that some 200 or so people will proceed all the way to the US border in the coming days, although the number could be higher.  Last year, about 150 went all the way to the border, they said.

Stay tuned.

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