High-ranking British pol gets the boot for...wanting to enforce immigration law

Amber Rudd, British Home Office secretary for almost two years, turned in her resignation on April 30.  Her letter to the prime minister states that she "inadvertently misled the Members of Parliament."  The real issue was related to her strict policies on treating illegal aliens.

The Home Office is the British Cabinet-level government department responsible for overseeing the law enforcement agencies along with immigration and intelligent operations (MI-5, an analog of the CIA).  Current prime minister Theresa May used to be a longest serving Home Office secretary.  

After taking office in July 2016, Amber Rudd followed Mrs. May's strong approach to enforcing immigration laws.  Years of neglecting the astronomical influx of migrants had placed tremendous burden on the government's social spending budget and led to increased crime in the country, including the terrorist attacks and "slave-like" labor of illegals by some employers. Sounds like déjà vu, doesn't it?

In her confidential memo to Theresa May, leaked by The Guardian on April 29, Mrs. Rudd stated that she plans to direct the efforts of her department officials to "arresting, detaining and forcibly removing illegal migrants."

About 40,000 illegal immigrants were removed from or voluntarily left Great Britain in 2016.  Mrs. Rudd's intention was a modest increase of this number by 10% in 2018, which amounts to 4,000 people.  Overall, about 248,000 migrants came to Great Britain in 2017, and the government of Theresa May is trying to bring this number down to under 100,000 this year.

Secretary Rudd was asked by the leftist Parliament members if her department has "targets" for removing illegal immigrants from the country.  She replied that "it's not how we operate."  This answer allows for manifold interpretation and comments.  Mrs. Rudd could have mentioned her various efforts to bring down the crime of illegal immigration.  She could have said it is not a department guideline, but just an intention.  And she could have just mentioned this meager 10% straight up.  She's chosen instead to calibrate her answer in this ambivalent wording.

Is it really a violation of ethics?  The question itself causes nothing but amusement.  Don't governments have an explicit obligation to enforce the law of the land?  But under an idealistically perverted atmosphere of excessive multiculturalism and "open borders" forged by the left wing in Britain – the same as what is hoped for in the United States – even doing your job by trying to fight illegal immigration can be considered a crime.  Isn't that what sanctuary cities are forcing on America?  Isn't that what the entire state of California demands from its citizens by announcing severe financial sanctions against employers who cooperate with ICE in identifying illegal immigrants working at their companies?

Mrs. Rudd did "mislead" Parliament.  Theresa May stated that Mrs. Rudd "led her department" with "great integrity, compassion and selflessness."  She was wholeheartedly trying to enforce the immigration law of Great Britain.  The sad fact that she's chosen to resign represents the doomed reality at the West.  In too many cases, under pressure from the liberal left, the interests of law-abiding citizens are being superseded to benefit illegal aliens.

On April 30, Theresa May appointed Sajid Javid to take over the position of Home Office secretary.  British-born with Pakistani roots and vast government experience, Mr. Javid seems to be a good enough candidate and a nice enough fellow.  He used to work at various positions in the British Cabinet.  Additionally, he's mentioned that Great Britain is and should stay a "Christian country."  He has a favorable view of Israel.

Maybe placing a guy with a Muslim background in the position of the Home Office secretary will help Britain in dealing with its numerous problems regarding illegal immigration.

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