Good cop, bad cop: Sessions and Trump

After the FBI conducted its search of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, the entire press, both Republicans and Democrats, demanded decisive actions by President Trump.  Fire Mueller!  Fire Rosenstein!  Where is Attorney General Sessions?!  Everyone called for Trump's response. 

But the FBI's search of Cohen was the response of the Washington swamp to a short television interview with Sessions about two weeks ago, followed by an official letter to the key Republican members of Congress, in which he casually noted that he had appointed a prosecutor to investigate what is known as "Clintonistas."

It turns out that the prosecutor, Huber from Utah, has been working in tandem with the inspector general of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, for more than six months.  They are investigating not just the abuses of the Obama's FBI and Obama's Department of Justice (wiretapping Trump, the infamous "Russian dossier" concocted by Hillary Clinton's order), but also the uranium case, the corruption in the State Department, and the Clinton Foundation.

Trump's impeachment has never been the primary task of the special prosecutor, Mueller; Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein; and other Clintonistas.  Impeachment is not a criminal, but a political process, and the impeachment process formally does not require a violation of the law.  Impeachment is a no confidence vote when a politician is removed from his official post for some shameful, unworthy (but not criminal) deeds.

Why, then, does this whole investigation of Mueller exist, if such an inquiry of Trump's criminal conspiracy with Putin does not help the Washington swamp to achieve the impeachment goal?

The task of Mueller is to keep Trump in suspense, precisely until the moment when the criminal prosecution of Clintonistas becomes impossible due to the statute of limitations.

The Sessions interview served as a trigger for the attack.  The "Demsheviks" felt that they were losing control of the situation.  They realized that they might be running out of time, so they decided on this extraordinary step.  It was a move designed to make Trump start raging and make a lot of political mistakes.

It took them about two weeks to master their tactics and to get permission from all the necessary authorities.  Of all the possible options, they chose what everyone was talking about two weeks ago – a porn star, Stormy Daniels, interviewing about sex with Trump 12 years ago.  Their imagination did not go any farther.

The searches of Cohen once again prove that there was no collusion between Trump and Putin.  If there had been a conspiracy, after two years of investigations, this information would have been leaked a long time ago.  And the Clintonistas would not have had to resort to the stripper, merely used as an excuse for searching Cohen to fight Trump.

But leftists are looking for the "Hand of Moscow" everywhere.  The last absurd example is the investigation by Mueller's guys of how one Ukrainian billionaire, Victor Pinchuk, paid Trump's charitable foundation 150 thousand dollars for his short lecture in 2015.  But they ignore the fact that the same billionaire paid Hillary Clinton more than $10 million.

Trump should not be twitching.  Firing these Clintonistas right now minimizes the potential effect of the investigation by Inspector General Horowitz of abuses in the FBI and the U.S.  Department of Justice.  The most significant political impact will be produced if these creatures of the Washington swamp still occupy their official posts on the day when the Horowitz report will be made public.

They could have been fired by Trump a long time ago, and justice would have triumphed, but Trump needs not just justice.  Trump needs not a victory by points.  Trump needs a political knockout.

The status of the inspector general does not allow him to directly refer the case to the court, although he has the right to recommend it.  For such cases, there are prosecutors, such as the prosecutor Huber.  The lawyer from provincial Utah understands that this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  Prosecutor Huber, like all of us, knows that the position of deputy attorney general of the United States will soon be available.

The search of Cohen is not a sign of the winning position of the Clintonistas.  It is the reaction caused by despair.  It is possible that this is their last card.  The amusing thing is, they were not caught by using multi-dimensional chess, but by the simple, age-old good cop-bad cop trick.

Gary Gindler is a conservative Russian-American blogger at Gary Gindler Chronicles.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

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