Gay marriage and the Pompeo debate

By any objective account, Mike Pompeo is qualified to be our next secretary of state.    

So why the controversy?  Gay "marriage"?

As I recall, The Supreme Court redefined marriage to include same-sex couples about three years ago.  So it's "the law of the land," as the liberals always tell us about Obamacare.

Based on that opinion, why are Senate Democrats making an issue of it during the confirmation of our future secretary of state?  What point are they making?  It's already legal, whether Mr. Pompeo believes as I do that marriage is between a man and a woman.

So what's going on?  Why are even talking about this at this time?

The answer is the shape of the Democratic Party, as David Bossie wrote:    

The effort by Senate Democrats to block CIA Director Mike Pompeo from being confirmed as secretary of state is just the latest political stunt that unhinged liberals are trying to pull. 

Our Founding Fathers did not design our constitutional republic with this level of obstruction in mind from the minority party in the legislative branch.

So true.  The Founders did not intend for the confirmation process to turn into a litigation of the last election.

Since Roe v. Wade and now "same-sex marriage," candidates are forced to answer questions about abortion and marriage.  It is absolutely insane and just the latest vehicle for pandering to the left wing of the party.

Last, but not least, it proves why these "social issues" should be settled by voters rather than courts.

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