Facebook caves on banning Diamond and Silk after creating a United Airlines-sized PR problem

Diamond & Silk are two massively popular supporters of President Trump who reach their millions-strong audience through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Like a bunch of fourth-world bozos, Facebook silenced the two by blocking their millions of viewers from seeing their performances (it's actually a form of performance art) in their news feeds, even though, presumably, those millions of viewers subscribed to the women's work precisely because they wanted to see it in their news feeds. Then Facebook went really tinpot-creepy when the two uppity sisters had the temerity to ask why they were silenced.  With Olympian vagueness, Facebook told them they were "unsafe" to the community and cited no examples.  As for the banning, Facebook told them there was no appeal. Now Facebook has a P.R. problem on the scale of United Airlines, and like United, the company is caving. How did it happen?  With diamond-hard...(Read Full Post)