Destroy Trump! The deep, dark shame of the left

For a year and a half, since the moment Trump won the election, the American left has been in a constant state of hysteria.  For the preceding year, the leftists had viciously mocked the man 24-7 in the media and on late-night TV.  They were certain, as were their pollsters, that Trump could not win.  So when he did, they went into shock.

The left does not handle shock well.  Since that night, they have vowed their "resistance."  They have marched with silly hats, have protested every move he makes, and remain determined to see him impeached.  The vast financial resources of George Soros, the SPLC, and an array of other far left groups can summon a mob on a moment's notice.  Those who show up and are paid to be part of the mob do not need to know why they are there holding the signs someone puts in their hands.  They do this to convince the American people that Trump is an illegitimate president.  But the American people see and know otherwise.  These leftist antics have not hurt Trump at all. His approval numbers continue to rise.

The Russia collusion hoax and the Mueller investigation have been exposed for what they are: a criminal attempt to prevent the inauguration of a duly elected president, then to see him driven from office by any means necessary.  For the left, the ends always justify the means, no matter how nefarious.  This plot to undo the results of an election is the most serious, most villainous political scandal in American history, but masses of Americans know little or nothing of it thanks to our equally criminal mainstream media.  So arrogant are the Jim Acostas of the MSM that they actually believe that if they do not report it, no one will know it. 

The truth about the shameful left has been obvious for years and years.  Harry Reid regularly lied to defeat opponents and was openly proud of himself when his lies worked.  Obama lied over and over again about what Obamacare would do.  The list of devious, deceptive persons in Congress is long.  There are far too many crooks among them spending our money and seeking ever more control over our lives.

Leftists are masters of projection, always accusing those with whom they disagree of what they are actually doing.  James Comey calls Trump "morally unfit" when it is obvious now that it was he who participated in the plot to unseat the president.  Reid mysteriously got rich while in the House, almost certainly by bending and breaking numerous laws.  Many of those in Congress, mostly but not all Democrats, have had to settle lawsuits, with taxpayer money, for sexual abuse or harassment.  Many have gone to prison for financial crimes.

For leftists, rules don't apply.  They consider themselves to be above the law.  This is why Hillary had no doubt that her plan to destroy Trump would succeed.  Who would stop her?  She had the higher-ups at the DOJ, the FBI, the DNI, the CIA, and the DNC in her corner.  Their stated goal, destroying Trump, justified any means necessary.  They have no shame.  They will break any law, shred the Constitution, and destroy any person to gain and hang on to power.  (Think Scooter Libby.)  It is something of a miracle that enough voters ignored their self-appointed betters of the MSM and elected Trump to rein in the corrupt bureaucracy that is the D.C. establishment. 

Perhaps the most notable example of Democrat shame this past week is their refusal to vote to confirm Mike Pompeo for secretary of state.  (These are the folks who confirmed Ted Kennedy after he killed a girl.)  Pompeo has a résumé that makes him the most qualified person for the job in decades, and every Democrat knows it.  That he traveled to North Korea and may actually bring about the de-nuclearization of N.K. fills them with dread.  How can it be possible that Trump may be the president to bring about an end to the Korean War?  They are desperate to sabotage this eventuality.  But Pompeo will be secretary of state, despite the fear and loathing of the Democrats.  

Liberals' aversion to this fine man proves, once and for all, that the left cares not at all about the country and only about its own power and its members' place within it.  They have no shame – none at all.

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