Cuomo pardons paroled felons so they can vote for him

The most cynical, manipulative, Machiavellian – and dangerous – liberal in the nation has outdone himself once again. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a pardon potentially affecting some 35,000 felons on parole, enabling them to vote – presumably for him – in his bid for a third term this November.  The pardon will also apply to future felons on parole (although the governor reserves the right to exclude individuals on a case-by-case basis). In New York, parole is considered part of a convict's sentence, which is not entirely served until parole is completed.  Current state law restores voting rights only upon completion of parole, and the State Senate – technically controlled by the Republicans with the assistance of one turncoat Democrat – would not change the law to allow parolees to vote.   In his typical dictatorial and demagogic style, Cuomo stated that he refused to "take no for an...(Read Full Post)