Charles Barkley: disgusted but misguided

Charles Barkley went on David Axelrod’s show “The Axe Files” to express his disgust at President Trump and the state of America.

Like other professional athletes, actors, or now, high school students, Charles Barkley feels it necessary emote about his feelings towards President Trump. 

Sadly, but not uniquely , Charles expresses his disgust, but as with most celebrities, woefully misses the mark.  

Barkley insisted that: 

Trump's focus on "building a wall" and "deporting" had emboldened racists.   

Firstly, as the media has reported, Barack Obama deported more than any previous president. Donald Trump has not deported near as many “illegal immigrants” as Obama did. Every president for the past half century has discussed building the wall because it was and is a core issue of import for the vast majority of the American people. Bill Clinton discussed it. George Bush discussed it. Barack Obama discussed it.

Legal Immigrants overwhelmingly support building the wall. Are they racist? 

Barkley then laments the deplorable state of our public-school system. 

"(We've) got the worst public-school system in the world. People talk about economic opportunity; there's only economic opportunity if you're rich."

You won’t get an argument from me about our public-school system, but again Charles’ angst is misguided. The public-school system in America is run almost exclusively by the Left. Donald Trump has proposed sweeping reforms, to include; the abolishment of the ill-conceived Common Core initiative, school choice, and most recently vocational schools. Many of those whom Barkley claims to speak for, would be lifted out of poverty and generational dependency by such reforms. The left was apoplectic with the appointment of Betsy DeVos as secretary of Education, and have “resisted” reforms since Inauguration day.   

Barkley then told Axelrod that progress on infrastructure and social reform had been waylaid by White House scandals. 

"I want everybody to have a good job, I want their kids to go to school, I want their kids to be safe. I want everybody to have economic opportunity." 

I want to see kids go to school too. Particular the Parkland kids. If they want to be safer, they may wish to consider jurisdictions that permit teachers and resource officers to carry.

Economists define full employment as the condition in which virtually all who are able and willing to work are employed. By most measures, this condition has been met. At 4% unemployment, workers that are willing to work, are working. Of course, as long as Democrats are prepared to pay people not to work, there will always be a pocket of Americans who would rather game the system than earn their way.  

The Republican tax reform, spearheaded by President Trump, has permitted working Americans to keep more of their take-home pay, encouraged hundreds of companies to share their corporate tax windfall with employees in the form of bonuses, and has produced an environment where we’re starting to see rising pressure on wages.  

Lastly, Barkley bemoans non-stop news coverage involving scandals:  

"We have spent the last year talking about Russia every single day. Now we got Stormy (Daniels), now we got another girl, and I'm sitting here saying, when are we actually going to help the people?” 

If you want to stop hearing about Russia and porn stars, turn off CNN and MSNBC. Your worldview is being poisoned by their narrative.  

As for when are we actually going to help the people? Look around. There are people being helped every day. Many are helping themselves. If you continue to look to government for help, you’ll continue to find yourself dissatisfied with the results.  

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