Ben Rhodes a laughingstock on Twitter over past North Korea tweets

One of the smirking jackasses of the past administration, Ben Rhodes, President Obama's former deputy national security adviser, has gotten some comeuppance lately, making himself a Twitter laughingstock in the wake of the North and South Korea rapprochement.  Get a load of what he wrote last year to tut-tut the Trump administration:

There are lots of such scoldings on his Twitter feed, given that he isn't able to recognize anything good that the Trump administration has done.  That's because far from being a respected foreign policy guru, as he plays on Twitter, he's nothing but a naked partisan with zero pedigree (the dolt majored in creative writing and couldn't pass a preliminary security clearance) even as he assumes the coloring of Democratic Party maven.

Here are some of the reactions to his pompous tweet that now makes him look ridiculous:

Twitchy has another slew of good ones here.

It's funny to us because Rhodes has gone so far out of his way to make himself appear respectable as a foreign policy guru.  He's appeared on ponderous lists of global thinkers of influence like this.  He runs a "shadow" National Security Council along with's Washington director, Ben Wikler, called National Security Action, to appear serious, by leading (yes, actually leading and being the boss of) Obama's top national security and foreign policy establishment members.  It's an operation that should be called the Ben & Ben smear shop, since its only activities consist of sniping and playing backseat driver to President Trump and his own foreign policy team.  Not only are they a partisan outfit with a mean streak, but they are pathetically unable to accept that they are no longer in power, and so they maintain this group, partly to retain their status among the Beltwayites and, more important still, to take down Trump.

One result is pompous, pious, Pecksniffian tweets from Rhodes, echoing the pearl-clutching of the Washington foreign policy establishment as President Trump upends their prissy little world that hasn't served us well.  Ben's a specialist at this in his impersonation of a respectable person of reason.

Now he's exposed as a dolt, a guy who knows nothing about diplomacy, particularly about effective diplomacy, and he deserves all the Twitter laughter he's getting.

Image credit: David Goehring via Flickr,Creative Commons SA 2.0.

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